Sunday 9 November 2014

अच्युताय अमृत द्रव(Achyutaya Amrit Drav)

अच्युताय अमृत द्रव(Achyutaya Amrit Drav)

अमृत द्रव
लाभ:- सिरर्दद,जुकाम,
खासी,गले के रोगों
में लाभदायक २ से
१० बूंद १ कप
गुनगुने पानी में
डालकर प्रयोग करे । 

(1)Product Name :- Achyutaya  Amrit Drav
(2)Quantity :- 10ml.
(3)Direction For Use :- 1 to 3 drops with 100 ml lukewarm water orally. Also by inhalation using vapouriser.  ( Dose depends upon age, weight & illness of the individuals).  OR as directed by physician.
(4)Benefits:- (1) Useful in  bronchitis, sinusitis, bronchiectesis, pneumonia, lung abscess and asthma.
(2) cotton gauze socked in amrit drav kept in cavity of  tooth  or over carrious tooth decreases pain & swelling.
(3)Gental massage decreases  joint, bone & mascular pain, ligament strains & sprain.
(5)Main Ingredients :- Mentha arvensis, Cinnamomum camphora etc.


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